Seek support, stay connected

People who struggle with different mental health challenges often find comfort in sharing chunks and bits of their stories. Let’s come together to share and support each other in collaboration with our organization. PR&TS offers professional support with moderated and interactive sessions with our professional clinical psychologist and consultant.


 Support group programs will provide awareness regarding mental health issues and
help to cater difficult issues in a better way.
 This program will provide great support to those seeking awareness, guidance and
professional help in relation to various mental health issues.
 Support groups are big opportunities for parents and individuals in society which
provide enhanced support, and in-depth knowledge leading to core solutions to
 This whole package will lead to structured guidelines creating pathways toward
solution-oriented grounds.

Support group meetings

It will be a 2-3 hour opportunity session consisting of 20 people, where you
may share your experiences and seek insight regarding your problems and offer your
support in return. It will be an overall interactive session with the resource person,
leading to a question-answer session at the end.

Who can attend?

Support groups will be organized for people of all ages suffering from mental health
struggles, for caretakers of psychiatric and psychological issues and for parents as well.
Support group topics
Topics will be announced regularly on our social media platforms


Venue will be based in Rawalpindi or Islamabad. For further information regarding
venue and details contact us at

Is there a fee?

A minimal fee will be charged which helps us to continue the support group program